Master in Health Economics

The Master in Health Economics aims to provide students with a specialised, multidisciplinary qualification for successful careers in global institutions operating in both the public and private health sectors.

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    Master in Health Economics

    The objective of this programme is to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals to manage, explore, understand and analyse data within healthcare systems, with the ultimate goal of facilitating effective decision-making.

    Two core areas of focus have been identified for this degree; firstly, a need for training in cost-effective analysis to evaluate the economic efficiency of prescription drugs and related policies, and secondly, training in econometrics to explore care consumptions and care pathways in health data.


    What does the course curriculum cover?

    The first year teaches students about the fundamentals of data management and econometrics to effectively understand health care expenditure trends. The programme includes introductory courses such as fiscal management, accounting and financial tools, introduction to research and the economics of social insurance, amongst others.

    During the second year, the courses take on a more specialised approach. Students are taught the health technology assessment (HTA) process used to examine the economic efficiency of new health technologies.

    What are the opportunities after finishing the masters degree?

    There are abundant rewarding career opportunities on a regional and global scale for graduates of the Master in Health Economics degree. For emerging and experienced professionals, career prospects vary from senior positions in government agencies, consulting groups, and health care industries.

    Where is the degree recognized from?

    The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris and recognized by UAE (CAA)

    What is the application deadline?

    25 August 2023

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