Master in Records Management and Archival Studies

The two-year Master degree programme in Records Management and Archival Studies offered at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has been designed in collaboration with the UAE National Archives due to high demand in this field.

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    Master in Records Management and Archival Studies

    The programme aims to inculcate decision-making in various areas such as policy design, appraisal of records, systems, and technologies, and the management of teams and projects. Though management is an integral part of each course, a course in management concludes the two years by bringing together the techniques, tools and strategies of organisational management referred to in the other courses taught throughout the programme.

    The strength of the Master Degree Programme in Records Management and Archival Studies, lies not only in it meeting the job market requirements, but also to it contributing to a sustainable knowledge-based economy from a practical perspective. Artificial Intelligence is also a core concept of this programme.


    What does the course curriculum cover?

    A. The structure of the curriculum itself and of the individual courses is a result of the awareness of the scholarly and practical nature of the archival work. The curriculum offers theoretical and methodological knowledge in the classroom through fundamental, core courses and experiential learning through professional experiences and internships providing structured opportunities for applying in-class learning in the professional work environment.

    What are the opportunities after finishing the masters degree?

    A. Employment opportunities within government, private and public entities are lucrative and competitive. Numerous employments need to be filled in the upcoming years such as archivist (digital and physical), digital asset manager, database librarian, electronic records manager or a metadata specialist in a university/college. Opportunities exist in cultural institutions, general management and administration, government agencies, health, service industries, public and private organisations, international companies and NGO.

    Where is the degree recognized from?

    The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris and recognized by UAE (CAA)

    What is the application deadline?

    25 August 2023

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