Executive Diploma in Sports Management

The Executive Diploma in Sports Management is a 12 months diploma offered in association with the International Centre for Sport Studies (supported by FIFA) and in collaboration with UAE Football Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who can enroll?
• Managers and individuals working in the sports world
• Professionals from all backgrounds (e.g. legal practitioners, economists, journalists) who wish to start working in sport and become familiar with the specialist aspects of the sports industry
• Young graduates who wish to complement their existing academic training with a specific qualification in the field of sports management

Q. What happens once the course is completed?
A. Graduates of the Diploma in Sports Management are well placed for a range of international careers in the private and public sectors including sponsorship, marketing, event management and TV broadcasting amongst others

Q. What are the benefits of the certification?
A. Throughout the programme, students are taught using a combination of lectures, case studies, seminars, events and guests from around the world to deepen their learning experience and prepare them for successful careers in sports management

The objective of the diploma is to equip students with the knowledge and expertise to work in the global sports industry, which is playing an increasingly important role for the culture and economy of the Gulf region. The programme focuses on selected areas within the management of sport, providing students with the tools needed to manage a federation, an association or a club in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates

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