Underwater photography by Christophe Chellapermal

"Living Colors for Pure Ocean" celebrates the mesmerizing beauty of the ocean through the lens of its colorful biodiversity. This exhibition highlights the extraordinary, often invisible, marine microfauna that plays a crucial role in the balance of ocean ecosystems. 

By revealing marine life in all its chromatic glory, we hope to raise awareness and take action to preserve the ocean.

About the photographer

Christophe Chellapermal
UAE-based artist, photographer, and explorer, involved in diving and marine activities for over 25 years.
He founded "Nomad Ocean Adventures" dive centers in the UAE from 2004 to 2017. His photographs, often highlighting conservation efforts and has been featured in major publications like The Times of London.
His work aims to spotlight aquatic environment preservation and the impacts of new pollution sources, earning him a 2020 Ocean Art Award in Marine Conservation.

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