Master in Banking and Finance: Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial Systems

The Master in Banking and Finance: Law and Regulations of Banking and Financial Systems prepares students for global careers in Banking and Finance by highlighting a substantial range of wealth management issues and the core frameworks of the global economy and global institutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the course curriculum cover?
A. The degree will introduce the theoretical models of economics, pricing securities, capital markets and treasury management at both the microeconomic and macroeconomic levels. From the first year, students will choose a specialisation in either economics or law, based on their career interests

Q. What are the opportunities after finishing the masters degree?
A. For emerging and experienced finance professionals, career prospects are remarkably high and vary from senior positions in investment and commercial banking, asset management, risk management, financial services and consultancy or positions in multinational companies.

For fresh graduates, student career options include opportunities working as a financial analyst or a consultant in multinational corporations, investment houses and brokerage firms and supervisory roles in public utility companies, regulatory agencies and federal government agencies.

Q. Where is the degree recognized from?
A. The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris and recognized by UAE (CAA)

Q. What is the application deadline?
A. 21 August 2022

This degree has several objectives. Firstly, students will learn various international economics concepts, and understand the impact of how current issues influence international business, as well as the tools to make structured management decisions while factoring in various cultural, financial, commercial, social and political parameters.

Additionally, students will refine their knowledge of the techniques and methodologies of applied research, as well as fundamental IT tools and their application in a business context. In parallel, students will develop the requisite managerial and critical thinking skills and knowledge needed in international and cross-cultural environments, learning how to understand human and organisational behaviour, as well as the concepts of international corporate strategy.

Thirdly, students will gain a deeper understanding of multicultural environments by undertaking courses in languages and civilisations, as well as cross-cultural management. Students will enhance their English skills and they will learn one or two additional foreign languages, including French, Spanish, or Arabic from beginner to advanced levels, all within the goal of catering to today’s multi-lingual business environments.

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