IGCP-715 first virtual workshop

Date: Monday 19 July 2021
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:45 pm

About the workshop

The first workshop of the IGCP-715 will provide and introduction to the objectives of the project and will engage university students, caver, mountaineers and nature-lovers in continuous educational and research activities around the significance of the karst geology process in karstic water.

Sessions Schedule

UAE:12:00 pm, Norway: 10:00 am, Greece: 11:00 am, China 16:00
Dr Daniel Moraetis
Workshop and IGCP-715 objectives. UAE, introduction to Geology and karst development

UAE:12:15, Norway: 10:15 am, Greece: 11:15 am, China 16:15
Dr Christos Pennos, Karst Geologist-Caver
How karst landforms in tectonically active settings can help us unravel uplift histories.

UAE:12:30 pm, Norway: 10:30 am, Greece: 11:30 am, China 16:30
Dr Babbis Fassoulas, Structural Geologist
Introduction to Geology of Western Crete and karst development

UAE:12:45 pm, Norway: 10:45 am, Greece: 11:45 am, China 16:45
Dr Sofia Neratzaki, Environmental Engineer
Koiliaris Critical Zone Hydrology, types of modeling on karst hydrology, uncertainties and space for improvement

UAE:13:45 pm, Norway: 11:00 am, Greece: 12:00 am, China 17:00
Dr Xuan Yu
The iconic Guangxi Zhuang karst, karst geology and hydrology

UAE:13:15, Norway: 11:15 am, Greece: 12:15 am, China 17:15
Dr Andreas Scharf, Structural Geologist
Introduction to Geology in Oman-Salma plateau and the impressive Majlis al Jinn sinkhole

UAE:13:30, Norway: 11:30 am, Greece: 12:30 am, China 17:30
Mr Kostas Adamopoulos, Caver
Whats does it mean for cavers and mountain lovers the “1000 and 1 Caves “fairy tail” in Lefka Ori Massif

UAE:13:45, Norway: 11:45 am, Greece: 12:45 am, China 17:45
Open discussion on the workshop outcomes and planning for future actions

Forthcoming, Scheduled Fieldtrips

  • Greece-Crete-Lefka Ori 22-23 June 2021
  • United Arab Emirates-Jabal Hafit, 13-November2021
  • China-Guangxi Zhuang karst October 2021
  • man-Salma Plateau November 2021
  • For participation contact Dr Daniel Moraetis: dmoraitis@sharjah.ac.ae

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