Enabling effective and prompt environmental sustainability decision-making through remote sensing and location intelligence (led by Dr Haifa Ben Romdhane)

Project summary

coasts and islands that flank the UAE, host an important number of benthic habitats that should be the focus of conservation actions. Well-designed conservation and management plans require efficient monitoring systems that include mapping the extent and location of the major habitats and also understanding their status and trends over time. These environments are optically complex, mainly due to the similarity in reflectance characteristics, and are heterogeneous, thus providing a challenging setting for mapping and monitoring. These challenges are taken on by providing more accurate knowledge on the UAE habitats’ spatial distribution and more insights into their temporal variations. Advances in Geographic Information System (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) instrumentation, data availability, and processing methods are developed and tested. Derived outputs obtained by combining RS, GIS and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide valuable insights, allowing features and patterns to be discerned with more accuracy. Applications such as precision agriculture, change detection in terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environments, target detection, weather, disaster and asset management are just among other applications that can benefit from consuming these derived products.

Project dates

2021 – Ongoing


JAXA’s Pasco Corp.
For the provision of data and inclusion in field surveys.

Award for previous projects

  • MBRSC award for innovations in remote sensing applications.
  • Discovery of unmapped coral reefs off shores of Dalma Island.