Master in Management of Musical Events

The Master in Management of Musical Events prepares students for global careers in the exciting industry of Performing Arts. Performing Arts is a promising career choice that promotes understanding of cultures, enriches society and sustains the legacy of nations.

The programme introduces methodological and intellectual support of western and regional teachings for students to learn the many strategic issues pertinent to the performing arts culture in the region and beyond. By learning the technical applications, professional demands, the quality and pace of artistic creation and venue management, students will become effective advocates of performing arts. Students will expand their understanding about the identity of music and performing arts specific to the region and learn to adapt western forms of performances.

Our distinctive curriculum will enable students to learn about defining artistic projects, hiring artists, reserving and managing venues, ticketing, and creating and implementing production budgets. As part of venue management, students will study the various modes of operations, team supervision and promoting venue image. This Master’s programme will develop students’ negotiation skills with artist agents, producers and promoters. Students will refine their communication and marketing abilities by defining targets, creating partnerships and driving the commercialisation of venues. By building a public relations campaign, students will learn more about managing relations with old and new media, both locally and globally.

This degree was launched over 20 years ago in Paris and has been highly successful with professional public and private organisations that recruit graduates for high-profile jobs in Management of Cultural events. Based on the cultural strategy defined by the UAE, these professions will be in high demand on a national level in the coming years.

This programme is unique in the UAE and the region and will create exceptional cultural industry leaders keen to transform the regional cultural landscape. On a global level, graduates can look forward to assuming leadership roles in the industry such as Event/Festival Managers, Programming Managers, Producers, Cultural Entrepreneurs and more. Graduates can join artistic agencies to create development strategies, manage careers and performing arts projects. Other employment avenues include working or collaborating with venues such as concert halls and performance festivals to manage events, programming and marketing tours. Abundant employment opportunities are also present in artistic ensembles (orchestra, opera and ballet companies). The public sector also constantly seek professionals and consultants skilled at budgeting, programming, controlling and advising on educational and cultural policies in performance arts.

Tuition Fees (including admin. fees):
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

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