Foundation Year in Intensive French

The Foundation Year in Intensive French is designed to assist students acquire French proficiency and develop academic skills. The programme is delivered over one to four semesters (Fall and Spring) depending on students’ level in French, academic profile and performance.

IntakeProgramme Duration
Late JanuaryOne semester (Spring)Intermediate students of B1- level may undertake one semester and sit the DU exams at the end of the academic year (June).
SeptemberTwo semesters (Fall and Spring)Beginners may undertake one year of Intensive French and sit the DU exams at the end of the academic year (June)
Late JanuaryThree semesters
(Spring Y1, Fall Y2, Spring Y2)
Beginners may undertake one year and half of Intensive French and sit the DU exams at the end of the second academic year (June).
SeptemberFour semesters
(Fall Y1, Spring Y1, Fall Y2, Spring Y2)
Beginners may undertake two years of Intensive French and sit the DU exams at the end of the second academic year (June).

The French as a Foreign Language (FLE) department provides non-French speaking students with the French language education that they need to succeed academically and professionally. Dedicated to preparing students for an undergraduate degree in French, this programme ensures that the students have the required language level whilst providing vital insight into French Higher Education.

Daytime students receive approximately 22 hours of teaching per week. The courses focus on each of the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking with an emphasis on vocabulary and grammar development. They promote intercultural awareness through the discovery of the French and Francophone cultures and civilisations. Students also attend methodology courses and get familiarized with academic methods and techniques, such as note-taking and research writing. The ICTE (Information and Communication Technology for Education) course provides a stimulating learning experience and aims to develop students’ digital literacy skills through language learning. The programme offers also a big variety of elective courses such as cinema, film analysis, theater, creative writing, singing, mobile learning, debate club, etc.

A linguistic trip in France can be arranged at a language school during summer, allowing students to practice French and reinforce their level.

Tuition fees (including admin fees):
AED 48,700 (approximately USD 13,271)

Admission deadlines

  • 22 July 2022 (morning classes, entry test required)
  • 15 September 2022 (evening classes, no entry test required)

Entry test dates – Semester 2 intake

The test takes place on Saturdays at 11:00 am on the following dates:
16 October
30 October
13 November
27 November
11 December

Students are requested to:

  • Arrive at 10:30 am ( ½ hour before the test)
  • Bring their own laptop

Students holders of the DELF A2 Diploma do not need to sit the Entry Test Exam.

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Evening Courses

French Evening Courses by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offer working professionals a unique opportunity to discover the French language, spoken on all five continents. Classes take place during the evening from 5:00pm to 8:00pm, providing flexibility to students who work full-time, and combine traditional and distance learning through interactive and dynamic teaching methods.

Our evening course programme is delivered over two years. Upon completion, students will receive the same diploma as those studying the full-time Diploma in Intensive French study programme.

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Admission requirements

High School Diploma with a minimum 80% average (or equivalent)

Other Countries Education’s Systems

Conditions apply on other foreign curriculums according to the admission’s policy set by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Please contact the Student Recruitment office by email: for more details.

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