Corporate relations

The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office offers career services and resources through key partnerships with local and regional employers, designed to empower and support students and alumni to make the right career choices.

The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office also assists private and public sector organisations across the United Arab Emirates and abroad in finding the right candidates for internships and jobs from the rich talent pool of students studying at our university.

In addition to the above, the office fulfils the following complementary functions:

  • Providing career information services to all students
  • Organising career events
  • Assisting students with job search strategies
  • Assisting student placements (internship and jobs)

Individual career counselling

The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office provides short-term individual career counselling to students who wish to explore personal, professional or academic concerns. 15-minute walk-in appointments are ideal for reviewing CV’s and cover letters or to answer questions about internship preparation and documentation.

The Career Services and Alumni Relations Office also offers 30 and 45-minute appointments (booked in advance) which are suitable for assessments or to explore career options, plan job searches and to develop more comprehensive strategies for obtaining a job.

Career workshops

The Human Resources Department arranges career workshops that offer students advice, training and coaching delivered by experts and industry professionals covering CV and cover letters. Interview techniques, mentoring and action plans for job searching.

Career events

Various events are arranged for students throughout the year to meet industry professionals. Types of events and activities include career round tables, conferences involving international companies, student visits to local organisations and the annual career forum held on campus featuring over 40 global and local institutions.

Career resource library

A well-resourced career library open to all existing and former students and university faculty contains books, directories and guides related to careers and employment.

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