Foundation Year in Intensive French Entry Test

Students who apply for the Foundation Year in Intensive French (Day programme) are required to sit an admission exam in English. This exam gives an extra piece of information for every student who has applied for the Foundation Year in Intensive French. Considered together with the other elements and information of students’ application, this test helps to identify the very best candidates. It is a standardized aptitude test in English that measures student’s readiness for college and potential to perform well. The test is designed so that candidates should find it equally challenging, regardless what they have studied at school, what school examinations they took and whatever the country they are coming from. With its wide range of questions, this Entry test reflects the motto of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, “A bridge between civilizations”.

1. Entry test duration, conditions and content

The Entry test aims to assess the following skills and attributes adoption of an analytical approach; critical thinking skills; precision and clarity of writing; ability to organize ideas in a clear and concise manner.

The duration of the test is 1 hour, under exam conditions. During the test, the use of phones, internet and any other document is strictly forbidden. Cheating leads to expulsion and a failing grade. The questions appear one at a time. Be aware that no backtracking is possible.

The test consists of multiple-choice questions (general knowledge, verbal, logical thinking) and of two short essays to be answered within one hour:

Essay 1 Essay 2 Multiple choice questions
200 words 250 words 62 questions
15 minutes 25 minutes 20 minutes
15 points 15 points 70 points
30 General knowledge questions: 30 points
24 Verbal skills questions: 24 points
8 Reasoning questions: 16 points
Eliminatory grade: grade under 5/15 No eliminatory grade

Note that the Entry test can be attempted only once per intake.

2. Entry test scores and results

The results will be announced two weeks following the test date.

After taking the Entry test, candidates will be placed into three different categories, according to objective criteria (see table below):

  • Admitted applicants
  • Non-admitted applicants
  • Waiting list
    The top of the waiting list students will be admitted by the end of June.
    If any other seats are open, other candidates from the waiting list will be selected and will receive an admission letter:
    • by the end of July or beginning of August for September intake;
    • five or six weeks after taking the test for January intake.
Admitted applicants Non-admitted applicants Waiting list
Global grade ≥ 50 with
Essay(s) grade ≥ 5
Global grade < 50 45 ≤ Global grade < 50 with
Essay(s) grade ≥ 5
Global grade ≥ 50 but
Essay(s) grade < 5


^ No personalized correction will be sent to the candidates, neither for the MCQ nor for the essays.

^ The Entry test grades will not be shared with the applicants.

^ A passing grade to the Entry test does not give access to the Foundation Year in Intensive French. It is necessary that applicants also meet other admission requirements of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. All applications are also reviewed by the Head of each academic department, according to the major taught in French an applicant has chosen.

3. Mock test

To increase their chances of success, all applicants should seize the opportunity to take the online Mock test in advance and to get familiarized with the Learning Management System (Blackboard) and the Entry test questions. Once an applicant has selected the Entry test date and enrolled, he/she can access the Mock test by using the temporary username and password sent by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

Applicants may find below some examples of questions to practice before the Entry test date.

1. Essay 1

In some high schools, part of the curriculum requires students to participate in community work. In what way students could benefit from this?

Write an essay where you analyze your ideas and arguments in a structured way of thinking. 200 words.

2. Essay 2

His Highness the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan has once said: “The woman is half of the society; any country which pursues development should not leave her in poverty or illiteracy”.

According to you, how could such a country achieve this challenge? 250 words.

3. Multiple-Choice Questions

General knowledge multiple choice questions
Art, literature, languages

What kind of literary work has the famous writer Adonis produced?

a. Poetry
b. Novels
c. Short Stories
d. Theatrical plays

Who painted the Last Supper?

a. Pablo Picasso
b. Gustav Klimt
c. Leonardo da Vinci
d. Salvador Dalí

What is the official language of Brazil?

a. French
b. English
c. Portuguese
d. Italian


hWhich rock music idol was named “the king” ?

a. Carlos Santana
b. Elvis Presley
c. Michael Jackson
d. Eminem

Which of the following instruments is not a stringed instrument?

a. Violin
b. Oud
c. Flute
d. Lute


When did world war I start?

a. 1980
b. 1950
c. 1914
d. 1980


What is the largest island in Asia?

a. Cyprus
b. Borneo
c. Madagascar
d. Cuba

Where is located Rub al Khali desert?

a. in the UA
b. in the UAE, Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia
c. in the UAE, Yemen and Saudi Arabia
d. in the UAE, Yemen, Sultanate of Oman and Saudi Arabia


What’s the atomic sign for water?

a. H
b. O2
c. H2O
d. Na

What is the unit of power?

a. Watt
b. Kilogram
c. Ohm
d. Joule


How many rings are on the Olympic flag?

a. Three
b. Five
c. Ten
d. Twelve

Verbal skills

What is the antonym of “repair”?

a. Play
b. Break
c. Move
d. Send

What is the synonym of “decline”?

a. Discipline
b. Hill
c. Decrease
d. Grow


In these series, find the letter pattern in the end of the series.

FAG, GAF, HAI, IAH, ____
a. JAK
b. HAL
c. HAK
d. JAI

Find the statement that must be true according to the given information.

Vincent has a paper route. Each morning, he delivers 37 newspapers to customers in his neighbourhood. It takes Vincent 50 minutes to deliver all the papers. If Vincent is sick or has other plans, his friend Thomas, who lives on the same street, will sometimes deliver the papers for him.

a. Vincent and Thomas live in the same neighbourhood.
b. It is dark outside when Vincent begins his deliveries.
c. Thomas would like to have his own paper route.
d. It takes Thomas more than 50 minutes to deliver the papers.