The History Department offers a multidisciplinary bachelor of arts degree, reflecting the breadth of interests and expertise among the professors who teach here.

The history programme emphasises global and connected history. All history courses address topical questions related to politics, economics, societies, war and peace, international relations and diplomacy from the perspective of long-term developments. Our programmes offer a broad chronological sweep of study courses covering material related to Mesopotamian civilisations to the present day, providing this foundation of knowledge.

Degrees and their related subject matter are adapted to the needs of the labour market. Students are given the opportunity to concentrate their studies in international relations with relevant courses in geopolitics, political sciences and the history of diplomacy.

Professional workshops are also organised to help students write cover letters and develop their CV’s, to research internships and to apply for appropriate master’s programmes.

Academic research is also an integral part of the History department by being involved in different projects, especially with French academic institutions in the Middle East. In cooperation with the National Archives in Abu Dhabi, the department provides programmes related to professional training in archives and records management.

Head of Department name and contact details
Dr Yann Rodier
Email: yann.rodier@sorbonne.ae

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