Law, Economics and Management

The Department of Law, Economics and Management strives to embody the ideals of French education such as rigorous and critical thinking, a sense of synthesis and debating skills.

We expose our students to a rigorous intellectual and scientific education associated with the positive and enthusiastic vision of the contemporary world. Law, Economics and Management degrees are offered through a unique collaboration with Université Paris Cité in France.

As a law student, you will discover that pre-conceptions about the rigidity and austerity of law soon fade away. Grounded by fundamental legal concepts, you will learn from lawyers as well as historians, political analysts and economists. Beyond the discovery of these new concepts, you will learn a new language: the language of conflict, of confrontation between opposing interests and of litigation. You will develop your ability to study and to make reasoned choices. You will soon be able to understand the meaning behind the ancient saying that law is a science, but at the same time an art.

Students studying programmes in Economics and Management, Banking and Finance and Health Economics will gain a solid background in mathematics and statistics, a command of economic quantitative techniques and scientific management methods (human resources, accounting) and marketing.

Head of Department name and contact details
Prof Luc Grynbaum