We have many typical questions that are commonly asked by most students, parents, and schools, and so we’ve decided to compile them here for your convenience. Please browse through the page or click on one of the links below to jump directly to that section. We will regularly refine and update these questions to ensure you have the best resource for quick answers to all your Sorbonne Abu Dhabi questions.

What do I have to wear?

You should wear appropriate clothing that respects local customs. Students coming from abroad should also be aware that despite the hot weather in the UAE, there is air conditioning in most public places including the University which some may find cold, so dress accordingly.

Is transportation expensive in the UAE?

No, taxis are equipped with metres and buses are also available.

What are the kinds of restaurants available?

All kinds of restaurants are available catering to everyone’s taste and culture.

Can I find a job in the UAE?

Under a student visa, only part-time jobs are permitted.

What are the fees to reserve my seat for the programme I applied for?

As soon as the acceptance letter is received, you need to pay the Administration Fees and Tuition Fees to reserve your seat.

Is there a minimum average required for acceptance?

80% or higher is required for all high school applicants. For postgraduate degrees a minimum GPA 3.00 is required.

What language or entrance tests do I need to take?

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi does not require SATs. However, to join an undergraduate programme, students who are not holders of a French baccalaureate or those who did not do their studies in French will need to take a DELF B2, DALF, TCF, SELFEE or another accepted language proficiency exam. For Physics, an English language certificate is required. For French classes, a placement test will be conducted to examine a student’s level before beginning.

For postgraduate degrees, a minimum TOEFL 550 or IELTS 6.0 grade is required.

Do I have to pay an application fee?

No application fees apply.

Do I have to go for an interview?

Yes, you will have an interview with the director of the postgraduate programme.

What are the payment timings if I want to pay directly to the cashier?

You can pay directly at the Finance Office on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30am to 1:30pm only.

What currency is acceptable for payment?

Payments can be made in UAE Dirhams only.

Will there be a discount if I have my siblings enrolled in Sorbonne Abu Dhabi?

Yes, a 10% discount will be granted to each sibling. No discount will be given to the siblings with a scholarship grant. A payment schedule with discounts for postgraduate programmes can be requested from the Finance Department at the following email address: finance-cm@sorbonne.ae.

Will I get a discount if I am enrolled in two programmes?

Yes, a 50% discount will be awarded on the major with the lower fees. A payment schedule with discount can be requested from the Finance Department at the following email address: finance-cm@sorbonne.ae.

How long will it take to get my refund?

You should receive your refund within 2 weeks from the date of your refund request.

When can I refund my housing deposit?

Housing deposits are returned upon clearance from the University. This can be given once the student decides to leave the residence, the University, or at graduation, and requires that there are no other liability with other departments (e.g. no unreturned books).

Will I get a refund if I decided not to join?

If you decide to withdraw before the start of the academic year, the University will refund the total amount paid except the deposit (non-refundable). If you decide to withdraw after the start of the semester, the amount charged for your fees will depend on the time spent on campus or in student housing. You can find more detailed information here.

Where can I get my Sorbonne Abu Dhabi username and password?

You can request your username and password through the help-desk by emailing: helpdesk@sorbonne.ae.

Is there any penalty if I miss the instalment deadlines?

Yes, failure to pay instalments on due dates results in a monthly late payment fee of AED 400, without any exception until the full instalment amount due is settled.

If I have a problem with payment, what do I do?

Payment deadlines should be respected. In case of a problem, please address the Admissions and Finance Departments with your concern.

Is there a fee for requesting a scholarship?

No, there is no fee.

Can I obtain a scholarship from the university?

There are no scholarships available from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi for postgraduate students.

Are there sports facilities available?

Yes, the University is equipped with a gym and a range of sporting activities.

Is there medical support?

A medical clinic is available on campus with doctor’s hours and a 24-hour nurse on call.

What are the other facilities in the residence?

Each floor has a kitchen, TV room, a study room and an entertainment room. Each building has laundry, ironing and borrowing facilities.

Are pets permitted in student residence?

No, pets are not permitted.

What will I have in my room?

Each room includes a private bathroom, a bed, a desk and chair, a shelf and rack, a closet, two towels, a mini fridge and an internal phone.

Are meals included in tuition and residence fees?

No, they are not.

What types of rooms are in the residence?

We only provide individual rooms, each with its own bathroom. There are no shared rooms at the University.

Can I stay in the residence if I have only paid the housing deposit?

No, the housing deposit is just to reserve the room. You must pay the housing fees in advance before residing in the residence. Once payment for housing fees is completed, the Finance Department will issue a housing pass which must be presented to the person in-charge at the dormitory. For more details, click here.

Why study French language and literature in the UAE?

The UAE is an observatory member of the International Organisation of the Francophonie and intends on developing its collaboration with France, especially on a cultural level,. Projects like the Louvre Abu Dhabi and Sorbonne Abu Dhabi are only the beginning.

French language and literature – is it not too hard?

Bachelor in French Literature has a reputation for being difficult, when it is in fact not. Of course, it requires a lot of work, but what is so difficult about reading books or analysing movies? Supervision and support of our students helps them, especially on a methodological level.

What’s the use of French language and literature?

Many people today believe that literature is useless but forget that literary studies broaden our cultural awareness, train our mind and improve our ability to express ourselves; skills that are valued in all professional backgrounds. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s Bachelor in French and Comparative Literature offers a number of career opportunities.

Is the degree issued in Paris or Abu Dhabi?

The degree is issued in Paris and sent to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

Who corrects and grades the exams?

Correction of exams is done in Paris and grades are entered into the system there too.

Can I change my major?

No, once you are registered for one curriculum, you can’t change after you are accepted.

Do I have to choose my courses?

No, once you are registered for one curriculum, you can’t change after you are accepted.

Can I do a double major?

Yes, if there are no scheduling conflicts between the two chosen majors. For postgraduate students, it is not possible to do a double major.

When are classes normally held, in the morning or evening?

All undergraduate classes are held in the morning or afternoon. Postgraduate classes take place in the evening after 4:00pm or during the weekends for some curriculums.

How many students are there per class?

It depends on the major, but they do not exceed 30 students per class. For postgraduate classes, the number of students is between 10 and 50.

Where are teachers coming from?

Most of our teacher’s are from Paris. Some of our staff are professionals from the UAE.

In what language are the programmes delivered? is the french language a pre-requisite? is there a minimum level required in english?

For undergraduate programmes, non French-speaking students have to attend a one-year preliminary intensive program in French since most undergraduate courses are taught in French. The Bachelor in Physics is an exception as it is taught in English. All postgraduate degrees are taught in English except the Master in Teaching French as a Foreign Language.

Can I further my studies at another university?

Both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). It is therefore possible to pursue your studies at any European University once you receive a degree from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

Is the degree recognised in the UAE?

All undergraduate and postgraduate programs are accredited in the UAE and in France.

What degree will I get at the end of the programme?

Whether for an undergraduate or a postgraduate degree, you will receive exactly the same degree as those issued in Paris. The degree is signed by the President of Paris-Sorbonne University and by the Rector of the Paris Academy on behalf of the French Minister of Higher Education and Research.

What is a student visa and who should apply for it?

UAE Immigration laws require all non-UAE National students to obtain a student visa for the duration of their studies. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi provides students with visas for applicants studying on any of our academic programmes.

The student visa is valid for 12 months. Students may be required to renew their visa during their studies at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

You get your student visa by following two steps: the entry visa and the residence visa.

I am from the GCC; do I need a student visa?

GCC students don’t need a student visa to enter or live in the UAE. However, they need to apply for an Emirates ID card and health insurance. Therefore, GCC students are kindly asked to visit the visa office as soon as they arrive at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

I already have a residence visa, am I obliged to apply for the student visa?

If you are resident in the UAE, then you are not obliged to change your sponsor unless you would like to.

I have a tourist visa. can I transfer to a student visa?

Firstly, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi recommends that all students avoid travelling to the UAE without a student visa as the immigration services charge 602 AED to change the visa status and, in some cases, students arriving in the UAE with a tourist visa may have to leave the UAE to obtain a student visa.

You can request a student visa under Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s sponsorship if you have cancelled your tourist visa. However, Sorbonne Abu Dhabi doesn’t guarantee that the application will be accepted by the immigration services.

How much should I pay to get the student visa?

Visa fees are included in the administrative fees that you pay yearly. Therefore, you don’t have to pay to the visa office any specific amount for your visa request.

What are the required documents for the entry visa application?

If you haven’t sent the below documents while doing your admissions’ application, please send them to malik.bensoltane@sorbonne.ae as soon as you receive your acceptance letter:

  • Visa application form (click here to submit the form online)
  • Passport copy (should be valid for more than 6 months)
  • Passport size photo (white background)
  • For students below 18 years old, a letter from your father or legal guardian providing authorisation for you to study at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and confirming that you shall stay at the university dorms. The document should be translated in Arabic, certified and attested by the concerned authority in your country (Foreign Affairs Ministry and UAE embassy).

Should I have medical insurance valid in my home country?

We provide you with medical insurance valid in Abu Dhabi for the duration of your stay. However, your health insurance card may take 3 weeks to be ready. This is why we recommend that you to arrive on campus with valid medical insurance from your home country and extended for one month in the UAE as we can’t apply for your medical insurance before your arrival.

How long does the entry visa take to process?

The entry visa can take up to 4 weeks. Therefore, make sure that your application is complete and payment is sent one month before the beginning of your academic programme.

Is it possible that my visa request may be rejected?

Your visa application is subject to the decision of Abu Dhabi immigration services. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is not responsible for any rejection from local authorities.

I received a copy of my entry visa by email, what should I do?

Once your entry visa is ready, we will send you a copy of your document. Please make sure you have settled the 1st installment to enable us send you your visa copy. You have to print a colored copy of your online visa and keep it inside your passport. Make sure to send us a copy of your flight ticket so that we know when you are planning to arrive.

When should I buy my flight ticket?

We strongly recommend that you buy your flight ticket after your entry visa is ready. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is not responsible if you buy your flight ticket and the visa is not ready by the date of your travel as we can’t know in advance when the visa will be issued from the Abu Dhabi immigration services.

Is there any process I should follow at the airport?

You just need to follow the instructions given. At the point of entry, make sure your visa copy is inside your passport as the UAE officers need to stamp your visa copy. Keep your passport and stamped visa in a safe place as we can’t finalise the residency process without it. We recommend that you buy a UAE sim card to have a local mobile number (having a local mobile number is mandatory to apply for the Emirates ID and finalise your residence visa).

Once at the Sorbonne Abu Dhabi campus, what should I do?

Upon your arrival at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi and after you finish checking into your dorm, you have to visit the visa office within 24 working hours in order to finalise the residency process. Make sure you provide the visa office with the following documents:

  • Original passport
  • Stamped visa
  • Your UAE mobile number
  • 4 passport size photographs (white background)
This is to enable us apply for your Emirates ID card and health insurance. Once we apply for your Emirates ID card, you have to complete a medical test and finger printing. The university will assist you to complete this process.

Are there any fines if I don’t complete the residence visa process within the 1st week of my arrival?

Yes, you are required to complete the residence process (medical test and finger printing) within the 1st week of your arrival in the UAE. Abu Dhabi immigration services and your health insurance company may calculate fines starting the 2nd week of your stay and Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is not responsible for any fines payable to immigration department or to the insurance company due to the late action of students.

When should I renew my visa?

You are advised to renew your student visa 3 weeks before the visa expires.