Community and students events

The community and student events unit is committed to providing high quality events and programmes to all students, which are connected to United Arab Emirates (UAE) culture and an international intercultural student body featuring more than 90 nationalities. The unit welcomes students, helps them adjust to a diverse cultural environment and integrate into the SUAD community. The community and student events unit exposes students to experiential learning methods that bring out their personality and creativity to be responsible and positive members of society.

In the UAE, students benefit from unique cultural and entertainment experiences with places such as Qasr Al Hosn, Louvre Abu Dhabi and Manarat Al Saadiyat hosting performances and talks all year round.

The community and student events unit provides opportunities for students to emerge as leaders and develop skills and talents in different fields. Throughout the academic year, a large variety of indoor and outdoor events are arranged in collaboration with external entities (universities, public and private) and the local community.

The following types of events and activities are offered:

  • Workshops: provide focused support to students that empower them mentally and socially. This includes individual and/or group support and wellbeing workshops.
  • Cultural events: multicultural events programme designed to help students expand their understanding and knowledge of the cultural, historical and sociological backgrounds of the UAE and other regions around the world. Safaris, trips and guided tours are organised in collaboration with Emirati students. Panel discussions, debate clubs, events, and trips are organised to deepen connections between SUAD and the wider UAE community. Depending on their subjects, SUAD students have regular opportunities to attend international conferences organised in the UAE to learn about diversity in business, art, administration and lifestyle.
  • Social events: provide year-round student activities that promote the value of social work by offering opportunities to volunteer in a variety of services including humanitarian work, awareness campaigns, blood donations campaigns, charity events and hospital visits.