Dr Yann Rodier, InterPARES Trust AI

Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos: A new karst modelling approach along different tectonic contacts

Dr. Claude Vishnu Spaak: Ethics of Tolerance: Phenomenological and Sociological Perspectives

Prof. Silvia Serrano: A Red Golden Legend? Muslim Hagiographic Experiences in the USSR and Popular Democracies

Dr. Laurence Renault: The Arab sources of Spinoza’s thought

Dr. Maïa-Oumeïma Hamrouni: Cultural Heritage: Challenges & Perspectives

Dr. Maïa-Oumeïma Hamrouni: International Challenges & Religious Diplomacy

Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos: Investigating and Monitoring Marine UAE Nearshore Environments (IMMUNE): Case study coastal environments in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah in SARS-CoV-2 era

Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos: Searching for Martian soil analogues in UAE and Oman

Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos: Past and present environmental records, risk and climate change. The role of Coastal Sabkha’s in western region Abu Dhabi

Prof. Kosmas Pavlopoulos: Innovative hybrid treatment systems toward sustainable treatment of oil and gas produced water: Full design with feasibility study

Dr. Salem Boubakri: Do sovereign wealth funds dampen the effect of oil market volatilities on GDP growth in oil-exporting countries?