InterPARES Trust AI, led by the University of British Columbia

Project summary

InterPARES Trust AI is a multi-national interdisciplinary project aiming to design, develop, and leverage Artificial Intelligence to support the ongoing availability and accessibility of trustworthy public records by forming a sustainable, ongoing partnership producing original research, training students and other highly qualified personnel (HQP), and generating a virtuous circle between academia, archival institutions, government records professionals, and industry, a feedback loop reinforcing the knowledge and capabilities of each party.

The I Trust AI goals are to:

  1. Identify specific AI technologies that can address critical records and archives challenges;
  2. Determine the benefits and risks of using AI technologies on records and archives;
  3. Ensure that archival concepts and principles inform the development of responsible AI; and
  4. Validate outcomes from Objective 3 through case studies and demonstrations.

Project dates

2021 – 2026


More than 60 partnerships. See the full list by clicking here:

Dr. Luciana Duranti and Dr. Muhammad Abdul-Mageed are the co-Directors of this new SSHRC Partnership Grant, ‘Archives 4.0: Artificial Intelligence for Trust in Records and Archives’.



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