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Helping your children choose the right university is one of the most important things you can do to support them at this critical juncture. Having the right information at hand will guide your decision-making to ensure you are well informed to make the correct decision.

The information on this page is especially for parents to be able to answer the question: why should I send my child to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi?

Academic excellence

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi offers identical programmes, lectures and degrees as those offered in Paris. From the application stage, our university follows highly selective admission procedures to maintain our standards of excellence, while also limiting the number of students in each class for an individual approach to teaching.

Programme faculty are hired directly from France to teach all course material in exactly the same way as they would in Paris, guaranteeing our students receive the same high-quality standards of education. As such, the academic standards for graduation are the same in Paris and in Abu Dhabi.

Upon graduation, our students receive globally certified degrees which will allow them to pursue further postgraduate study anywhere in the world or embark on successful careers.

Degrees tailored to market demands

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is committed to meeting the goals of the UAE to train future executives in new and influential sectors.

Our postgraduate programmes are directly aligned to the needs of the labour market from banking and finance: Law and Regualtions of Banking and Financial Systems, History of Art and Museum Studies to Urban Planning and Development. Our remit as a world-class education provider dictates that we stay abreast of market demands to mold our academic offering according to industry requirements, so that our students learn up-to-date techniques and concepts in their respective line of study.

Economic opportunities

Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates continue to emerge at the global frontier of sustained economic development year-on-year. Over the last decade, Abu Dhabi has been ranked consistently among the world’s fastest growing economies.

Today, Abu Dhabi is diversifying its economy further and developing long-term strategic sectors such as education, health, tourism and media opening a world of opportunities for graduates in Abu Dhabi.


Located at the heart of the Middle East, just five hours flight from half the world’s major capitals and linking Asia to the world, the UAE is an attractive location for students coming from other countries seeking to immerse themselves in international cultures.

Political stability

The UAE is a young nation, established in 1971. However in terms of stability, safety and security it has already set a precedent at the regional level and earned international recognition. As a member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation, the UAE maintains good diplomatic relations with the world.

One of the best places to live

It is no coincidence that Abu Dhabi and Dubai are regularly ranked as the two best places to live in the Middle East. In addition to the miles of beaches and year-round sunshine, the harmony and tolerance amongst cultures that prevail make Abu Dhabi an attractive destination.

Abu Dhabi has one of the lowest crime rates in the world and continues to put its residents safety at the front of the government agenda.

Abu Dhabi and more widely, the UAE, is becoming a hub of cultural and sporting focus in the region. From professional sports events, music concerts, international museums and some of the best shopping in the world, Abu Dhabi and the UAE has something for everyone.

Click here to find out more from the Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT).

Multi-cultural environment

According to recent census’ there are more than 200 nationalities that call the UAE home. There are over 90 nationalities at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi alone representing a melting pot of people and cultures. In an increasingly globalised economy, Abu Dhabi’s multicultural society offers students a unique window to the world and a particularly fulfilling international environment.

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