Undergraduate study

As an undergraduate student of Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, students benefit from world-class teaching and receive an internationally recognised degree upon graduation.

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi offers eleven undergraduate bachelor programmes, delivered by permanent faculty based in Abu Dhabi and Visiting professors. All programmes follow the academic curricula defined in Paris, except for the bachelors specific to the Abu Dhabi campus. However, all programmes offer high quality education and answer the European academic standards. Graduates receive a Parisian bachelor degree issued by Sorbonne University in the fields of Humanities and Sciences and by Université Paris Cité in the fields of Law and Economics.

  • For programmes taught in French and for students who are not fluent in French, they can apply for the Foundation Year in Intensive French.
  • For programmes taught in English, students must show proof of proficiency of the teaching language. Please refer to the brochure of each programme for more information.
  • For the Bachelors in Physics and Mathematics, students may have to apply for the Foundation Year in Sciences, depending on their level.
  • For the Bachelor in Records Management and Archival Sciences, students may have to apply for the Foundation Year in Records Management and Archival Sciences, depending on their level.

After the Bachelor programme, students can pursue postgraduate programmes at Sorbonne University or in renowned universities in the UAE or abroad. They can also apply for programmes at CELSA, the Sorbonne University Graduate School of Journalism, Communication, Marketing-Advertising, Digital communication and Human Resources, through the internal process.

For specific information about our Foundation year in French, our Foundation year in Sciences and undergraduate programmes, please follow the links below.

CELSA Undergraduate Programmes