Double Bachelor in Philosophy and Sociology

The Double Bachelor in Philosophy and Sociology offers students a unique opportunity to obtain a dual qualification in both philosophy and sociology for successful careers in a range of sectors.

The degree curriculum aims to develop analytical tools to understand better contemporary society and critical thinking on ethical, political, social and cultural issues.

The philosophy programme focuses on learning theories and fundamental concepts. It emphasises logical and critical thinking, knowledge theory, ethic and political philosophy. It develops analytical, investigation, argumentation and assessment capabilities.

The sociology programme emphasises the link between sociological theory and empirical research. Students learns social sciences survey methodology and work on social contemporary phenomena such as migration, urbanisation, socio-cultural inequalities and socio-political changes in the context of our globalized world. The bachelor also offers classes in political sciences, economy, international relations, geopolitics and public policy. Students can also choose to study a language between English, Arabic, German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese.

In addition to offering access to numerous postgraduate programmes, this degree offers abundant career opportunities both locally and internationally in including publishing, journalism and communication, market research and statistics institutions, Governmental agencies, NGOs, diplomatic services, human resources, secondary and higher education and research.

Tuition fees (including admin. fees):
AED 215,100 (approximately US$ 58,615)

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