French as a Foreign Language (FLE)

The French as a Foreign Language Department offers an Intensive French Programme that can be completed in one or two years, for non-native French speakers who want to learn the French language and to obtain a diploma (Diploma in intensive French) from Sorbonne University.

The one-year programme can be taken as a foundation year (beginners included) prior to enrolling in an undergraduate programme taught in French. The diploma can also be obtained over two years by registering to the evening classes programme (9hours/week).

During their study, students will develop oral and writing skills in French, which will prepare them for programmes at the undergraduate level. Students study in small groups with experienced teachers selected by Sorbonne University (Paris). The teaching methods are various, interactive and use Information and Communication Technology for Education. Extracurricular activities in French are also regularly proposed.

Both beginner and intermediate levels are offered.

Acting Head of Department name and contact details
Dr Karine Germoni

Programmes offered by the department