Advising and Resources

The Counselling Office provides guidance and support to students and the campus community to help manage personal matters and to assist with developing the skills and confidence to function independently.

The Counselling Office can help:

  • Manage relationships with family, teachers and peers
  • Manage areas of concern
  • Provide course and career guidance
  • Offer information and referrals to other support agencies
  • Provide support to enhance the students’ academic experience

Counsellors provide support by offering to speak with other concerned parties on behalf of students, for example with teachers, friends or parents if need be. Throughout the process of consultation, students’ privacy is of the utmost importance and actions are taken only upon agreement with the student.

The Counselling Office also offers support to groups of students who wish to make an appointment about an issue concerning all members. If students wish to discuss an issue, they can report directly to the counsellor who will speak to them briefly before making a scheduled appointment to discuss matters in further depth.

For more information, please contact +971 (0) 2 656 9300 / +971 (0) 2 656 9359