Archaeology and History of Art

The Department of Archaeology and History of Art offers the only study programmes of their kind in the region; a multidisciplinary approach to the study of archaeology, art history, heritage and museum studies, by employing the most recent theoretical and methodological approaches with a hands-on approach to learning.

The discipline of archaeology involves the investigation of historical cultures through material evidence. Art history examines the artistic heritage of mankind from aesthetic and historical perspectives.

Our faculty consists of professors from Paris and museum professionals teaching at the Ecole du Louvre who are in charge of specific content and lectures.

Lectures are supported by field trips to archaeological sites and museums, art fairs and gallery excursions as well as participation in conferences and workshops organised by visiting lecturers and specialists from the UAE and abroad. Students are also encouraged to participate in archaeological excavation projects or to complete internships with museums or cultural heritage organisations.

Head of Department name and contact details
Dr Caroline Autret