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The university’s academic administration is based out of Paris, with faculty assigned to Sorbonne Abu Dhabi from Sorbonne University and Université Paris Cité.

The CELSA Graduate School, part of Sorbonne University as well as the École du Louvre also take part in the teaching and instruction at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. Sorbonne Abu Dhabi is also guided by the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

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Sorbonne University CELSA entrance exam – internal process for students to apply for the Bachelor in Communication (Licence 3 Communication).

CELSA is the Sorbonne University Graduate School for Information and Communication Sciences. Recognised by the Conference of Graduate Schools (Conférence des Grandes Écoles -CGE), CELSA is the place for thinking and forecasting transformations in communication, journalism and media.

Public School devoted to excellence in conveying knowledge, CELSA is proactive in research and offers both research and executive programmes in journalism, communication, marketing, advertising, media and human resources. CELSA delivers the following diplomas: Licence, Professional Master, Doctorate, Research Master, Magistère and MBA.

CELSA Communication offers to students from Sorbonne University and Sorbonne Abu Dhabi an internal process to the entrance exam in second or third year of Bachelor.

5 programmes are offered :

  • Entities and Compagnies
  • Magistère
  • Brand
  • Media
  • Management and organisations

Only students fulfilling the below criterias can apply :

  • Students registered in Licence 2 that have validated Licence 1 and the first semester of Licence 2 with a minimum global average of 12/20.
  • Students registered in Licence 3 that have validated Licence 1 and 2 with a minimum global average of 12/20.

The students meeting the criteria are granted direct access to the oral examination and English test and do not need to undergo the written examination. Nonetheless, they do not have privileged or reserved access and their entrance is based on the results of the oral examination

Important note :

This process grants access to the third year of Licence. CELSA Communication do not have a process to access the first year of Master.
This process doesn’t apply to CELSA journalism programme

For more information, please refer to the following website