Applied Foreign Languages (LEA)

The programmes offered by the Applied Foreign Languages Department offer multidisciplinary subjects and prepare you for the job market.

The Bachelor in Applied Foreign Languages allows students to achieve an advanced level in foreign languages with a comprehensive knowledge of civlisations. The mandatory language modules are English and French with German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Chinese available as optional modules.

Students also form a strong understanding of subjects related to economics (management, finance, marketing, human resources management and international law). IT, data collection, poll and survey methodologies are also taught. At the end of the bachelor degree, students will have all the skills to meet the challenges of the job market.

The Master in Applied Foreign Languages: Speciality Management and International Business is an all-around programme in international management covering multiculturalism and multilingualism. Students develop their knowledge of the business world and language skills.

A professional internship in a company is mandatory for bachelor and master programmes to give students insights and experience to facilitate their entry into the job market.

Classes are delivered by professors from Sorbonne Abu Dhabi, visiting professors from Sorbonne University in Paris and from working professionals and experts sharing their experiences with the students.

Head of Department name and contact details
Dr Elisabeth Zollmann