Bachelor in Geography and Planning

The Bachelor in Geography and Planning delivers solid competencies covering all aspects of geography (economic, social, physical and regional). It combines social sciences and environmental sciences to better understand the complexity of the contemporary world and the stakes of sustainable development, from a local to a global scale.

The degree, taught in French provides a solid grounding of knowledge and methodology whilst equipping students with the tools to understand our modern, globalised world. The Bachelor focuses on geomatics tools (mapping laboratories, remote sensing and data processing) and field training locally and abroad. It provides students with an operational training enabling them to apply taught theory in a working environment, from urban planning and land development to geomarketing, risk management and development.

During the first two years, students are introduced to broad geographical concepts to understand the Earth environment (relief, hydrography and climate) and transforming and differentiating processes of social spaces (demographic, social, cultural, political and economical). Students are also introduced to collecting geolocation data and statistical and mapping processing. The third year expands the theory taught in courses from the first and second year and prepares students for a Master degree by focusing on regional case studies (Asia, Middle-East, Europe), topical courses (risks, logistics and transportation, humanitarian, urban planning) and professional techniques and data processing (survey, spatial statistics and Geographical Information System).

The Bachelor in Geography and Planning offers abundant career opportunities in diverse sectors such as sustainable development, urban planning, local development, geopolitics, tourism and transportation and logistics. Private sectors (urban planning agencies, engineering offices, consultancy companies in sustainable development or geomarketing) and public entities (NGOs, Ministries, international agencies) are seeking geography graduates as they combine a global understanding of diverse issues with operational skills.

Tuition fees (including admin fees):
AED 215,100 (approximately US$ 58,615)

Admission deadline
30 July 2021

Admission requirements

1) High-school completion

  • Successful completion of the French Baccalaureate Exam (Selection is based on the academic records of the students during their last two years of high school)


  • High School Diploma with a minimum 80% average (or equivalent)

2) French language proficiency

  • French Aptitude Certificate with a minimum score of B2 level (accepted certificates: DU issued by Sorbonne University, DELF, TEF, TCF and SELFEE).

Students who do not meet the French language proficiency requirements for this programme, could be admitted in to the Foundation Year in Intensive French, and upon its successful completion, they will be eligible to enrol in to the bachelor degree programme

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Conditions apply on other foreign curriculums according to the admission’s policy set by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Please contact the Student Recruitment office by email: for more details.

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