Scholarships based on academic merit or individual circumstances are granted by Sorbonne Abu Dhabi to enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students for all or part of their programme of study.

Scholarships For Emirati Students

In March 2018, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, directed the allocation of a grant for Emirati students studying at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi to pay fees related to their undergraduate degree.

To apply, please contact:


Please click here to link to ADEK’s Talented Student’s Scholarships Programme
Please click here to link to ADEK’s Study Leave Programme


Undergraduate Students

The following conditions apply for all undergraduate scholarship applications:

  • Open for applications from students enrolled in undergraduate programmes or the Diploma in Intensive French (newly admitted students can apply at the end of their first semester)
  • Students on an exchange visit are not eligible to apply
  • Students who have a current sponsorship are not eligible to apply
  • Scholarships are granted based on the academic results obtained at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi
  • New applications for scholarships are assessed on the criteria below
  • Current scholarship holders are reviewed every semester and students must meet the minimum required levels of academic performance as indicated below

Scholarships start from 25% reduction of tuition fees up to a rate of 75%.

Applications are to be submitted based on academic excellence.

Scholarship holders are requested to remain in good academic standing while studying at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi. The Scholarship Committee has the right to increase the scholarship for achieving higher results on academic standing, or decrease or cancel scholarships if the scholarship holders have not remained in good academic standing.

There are two Scholarship Committee meetings throughout the academic year to assess the scholarship rates for current scholarship holders in comparison with their academic standing. Each will take place after the semester’s final exams.

If scholarship holders fail to respect payment deadlines, their scholarships may be blocked.

Academic Grades Required for Scholarships

Below 11
New applications: not eligible
Current scholarship holders: Cancellation of scholarship (tuition fees discount). Housing assistance for financial hardship is reviewed separately

New applications: not eligible, 25% Maximum*
Current scholarship holders: Warning issued to student informing them that they must achieve a minimum score of 12/20 in the following semester to maintain their scholarship

12 – 13.9 – 25% Maximum (new applications and current scholarship holders)
14 – 15.9 – Starting on 25% and increasing on a progressive basis to 50%** (new applications and current scholarship holders)
16 – 20 – Starting on 25% and increasing on a progressive basis to 75%** (new applications and current scholarship holders)

*Only L1 undergraduate students coming from the Diploma in Intensive French are eligible to 25% in this category.
**Note a maximum 25% rate for students enrolled in the Diploma in Intensive French.

Please note that in case the student’s average does not reach the required level, the amount of his/her scholarship will be automatically decreased, as detailed below:

  • An overall average below 10.99 will lead to automatic cancellation of the scholarship
  • A scholarship holder with an overall average between 11 and 11.99 may retain a 25% scholarship for the coming semester, but will be informed by letter that an average below 12 in the following semester will lead to the cancellation of his/her scholarship
  • A 50% or 75% scholarship will automatically be reduced to a lower percentage if the student has achieved a lower grade

In exceptional cases, following a recommendation from the Head of Department and to encourage deserving students and provide them with better study conditions, financial aid can be awarded by the scholarship committee in case of financial hardship.

The deadline for submitting an application is communicated by University email each semester to all enrolled students.

Applications are submitted via the on-line application form.

Incomplete and late applications will not be assessed.