Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management

Programme duration: Six weeks
Delivery language: Arabic
Certificate awarded: Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management
Partnerships: The programme is in partnership with the National Library and Archives in UAE
Start date: October 2023

The Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management at Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is a 6-week programme, delivered in Arabic by international experts and professionals. The study programme is designed in cooperation with the National Archives in Abu Dhabi to provide strong learning for careers in archives and records management.

This programme combines six modules of intensive courses to develop professional expertise in areas as diverse as legislation, conservation and preservation, management of current, semi-current and e-archives material, classification, strategies, policies and procedures related to the archival field. It will incorporate a mix of theoretical principles and practical exercises for a well-rounded learning experience.

This programme is open to all.

The training may be carried on either in Abu Dhabi or Dubai according to the number of students. Please, mention what would be the most suitable option in your online registration.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Yann Rodier:
Salma Ibrahim: or +971 (02) 656 9143

Modules Courses
Module 1
General introduction about archival terminology
(30 hrs)
  • Evolution of documentation and archiving (history, theories, schools, international archival organisations)
  • Archival terminology (terminology of document management, archiving, and electronic archiving)
  • UAE institutions (administrative organisations of the UAE, federal and local entities, private companies, government-owned companies, non-governmental institutions and organisations)
Module 2
Archival legislation and archiving standards
(30 hrs)
  • Archival legislation (international laws, UAE archival laws and regulations, federal law for National Archives in the UAE)
  • Archiving standards (defining the concept and importance of global standards)
Module 3
Managing current and semi-current archives
(30 hrs)
  • Life cycle of documents
  • Records management and archival policies and procedures
  • Records management and archiving technical tools (classification plan, retention schedule)
Module 4
Scientific processing of archives
(30 hrs)
  • Indexing and classification of documents and archives
  • Archival appraisal and evaluation
  • Search tools and research services
Module 5
Archival and conservation buildings
(30 hrs)
  • Archival conservation and preservation standards
  • Specifications of an archive building
  • Facilities of an archive building
  • Storage requirements for different media
Module 6
Electronic archives management
(30 hrs)
  • Electronic records management and e-archiving strategies, policies and procedures
  • EDRMS and e-archiving systems
  • Storage of e-archives
  • Micrographic technology
  • Documents and archives digitisation

To be awarded this certificate, applicants must successfully complete 6 weeks of training. Grading is based on regular assessment through tasks, projects and reports. It is possible to design programmes for the government sector, based on their needs.

Target group:

  • Managers
  • Archivers
  • Records Management specialists
  • Records Control Specialists
  • Information Technology Staff
  • Auditors
  • Quality Control Specialists
  • Public and private sectors

Programme tuition fees:
AED 30,000 (approximately US$ 8,170)
Payment of fees:
Upfront before the start of the programme

Preferential rates

This programme is only open to the preferential rates* listed below:

20% Alumni preferential rate

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi alumni are eligible to a 20% waiver on tuition fee.

5%-15% corporate rate

Companies and organizations benefit from a special discount, based on the number of employees enrolling in programmes. For more details, please contact +971(0) 2-6569311

*Conditions apply