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Seminar – Archives as Enablers of Knowledge Economies

Cryptocurrency Regulation: Comparative Perspective UAE/EU

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Attend here – Master in Marketing, Management, Communication, Media – Webinar

Seminar – Artificial Intelligence & Health Records

SUAD – CEFREPA Diwan: Issues of Qur’anic studies at Al-Zaytuna University in Tunis in the last decade

Study Day – Digital Learning Innovation

SUAD-CEFREPA Diwan: Preislamic Oman: a History to Write

Sports conference – Compliance frameworks in sports organisations

Connect with K-Arts Dance

International Audio-Visual Heritage Day

Data Governance for Artificial Intelligence Purposes: Comparative Perspective UAE/GDPR

Seminar – Artificial Intelligence, Records and Archives

International Translation Day Round Table

Seminar – The International day for universal access to information

Exhibition – Korean Traditional Paintings by Promising Painters

Conference – Religious Diplomacy: International Challenges and Opportunities

Sheikh Zayed Book Award Winners


SUAD-CEFREPA Diwan Chinese Expatriate Community in the UAE: Opportunities and Challenges in a New Era

Ramadan Talks – The meaning of Ramadan. Selected texts from the Qur’an and the Sunna of the Prophet

Ramadan Talks – What’s the economic impact of Ramadan on MENA region?

Conference – What Regulation for Artificial Intelligence?

Theatre Play – A dark comedy & hybrid show

The Universal Dictation (online)

Quiz- Unpuzzling Math Event

Unpuzzling MATH

Postgraduate Open Day – 2022

Undergraduate Open Day – 2022

Strategic & Project Management for International Sports Events

Concert : Tosca’s Morabeza

Art Exhibition: The year of the the 50th – Sorbonne Abu Dhabi

SUAD-CEFREPA Diwan: Abdallah al-Tariqi and the history of the Arab oil globalisation

La Grande Grammaire du français, un livre et un projet hors norme Une conférence d’Anne Abeillé

سؤال الهوية في الرواية النسائية الإماراتية

Case study: bidding for hosting mega events

شهادة مهنية في إدارة الوثائق والأرشيف

Professional Certificate in Archives and Records Management