Conference – Collective Intelligence: How Diversity Makes Everyone Smarter

Date : Monday 29 April 2024
Time : 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Venue : Richelieu Amphitheatre, SUAD Campus

How can we be smarter together? This playful interactive conference presents the scientific principles that power collective intelligence. It demonstrates the essential role of diversity and presents innovative methods to make organizations and individuals smarter. Among the topics covered are the IQ of groups, the wisdom of crowds, the diversity theorem, active open mindedness, and prediction markets. Illustrated with many concrete examples, from termite mounds to large companies, from Trump to Descartes, from epidemics to geopolitics, the talk also quizzes the audience with live digital polls that reveal its collective intelligence.

About the Speaker

Emile Servan
Prof. Émile Servan-Schreiber is a cognitive psychologist and a technology entrepreneur. Since 2000, he has been running the company Hypermind, which designs online platforms for collective forecasting and prioritization. As a scientist he has participated in several large-scale U.S. government research projects on the wisdom of crowds, and he is a founding member of the School of Collective Intelligence at University Mohammed VI Polytechnic (Morocco). Prior to founding Hypermind, he worked as an artificial intelligence engineer and advised the OECD on its “brain and learning” program. He authored the awardwinning multimedia CD-ROM Secrets of the Mind (Ubisoft,1997) and the book Supercollectif (Fayard, 2018).

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