Conference – Football Agents: Past, Present and Future

Date : Tuesday 23 April 2024
Time : 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Venue : Richelieu Amphitheatre, SUAD Campus

This conference will explore the evolution of football agents, from FIFA Players’ Agents to the more recent FIFA Football Agents. The conference will commence by examining the operational methods of FIFA Players’ Agents under FIFA’s guidance, followed by an exploration of the transition to agents licensed by national associations. Subsequently, we will delve into the role of intermediaries and their functions, before addressing the rise of FIFA-licensed Football Agents and the broader scope of their responsibilities. Throughout this conference, we will observe the changing dynamics of representation in football (and beyond), and its impact on the governance and commercial aspects of the sport.

About the Speaker

Goncalo Almeida
Gonçalo Almeida became registered with the Portuguese Bar Association in 2000, following the completion of his Law degree. He later obtained registration with the Brazilian Bar Association in 2010. Additionally, he attended the inaugural edition of the MA in Management, Law, and Humanities of Sport, now recognized as the FIFA Master, which was taught by CIES across various locations in England, Italy, and Switzerland.

In August 2001, he joined FIFA Players’ Status Department in Zurich, where he remained until April 2006, having founded Almeida, Dias & Associates – Law Firm in 2009, dedicating himself, since then, to Sports Law, practically on an exclusive basis. Over the past 17 years, since his departure from Switzerland, he had the privilege of legally representing numerous football clubs, players, coaches and agents/intermediaries of various nationalities, as well as national associations, particularly before UEFA, FIFA and CAS.

In June 2023, he was appointed Judge of the Agents Chamber of the FIFA Football Tribunal.


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