Physics unveils the secrets of art by Dr Philippe Walter

Date: Wednesday 26 May 2021
Time: 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Join the webinar titled Physics unveils the secrets of art, presented by Dr Philippe Walter


Materials science today provides us with a vision of the processes involved in the creation of a work of art, from the choice of materials to the visual perception of the finished work. The precious character of the paintings implies particular cautions and requires non-destructive testing, which may give the maximum of information directly on the surface of the objects, in-situ in the museums or in the archaeological sites. We will show applications on paintings from Ancient Egypt and from Italian Renaissance. The talk will be followed by a short presentation of the Master in Physics Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi has recently launched to train specialists in the field of Non-Destructive Characterization, with a focus on Cultural Heritage. A Q&A session will then be open, with Philippe Walter, and Prof Frédéric Decremps, director of the Master in Physics at Sorbonne University.

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Sorbonne Université, CNRS, Laboratoire d’archéologie moléculaire et structurale, LAMS, Paris, France
Philippe Walter is research director at CNRS and director of the Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Archeology at Sorbonne University. He was visiting professor at the Collège de France, holder of the annual chair on innovative technology. He is a specialist of chemical and physical analyses of paintings and of ancient artistic practices.

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