Seminar – International Archives Day

Date : Friday 9 June 2023
Time : 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Venue : Virtual and Physically at Richelieu Amphitheatre, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi Campus

Register for the seventh session of the seminar series in Records Management & Archival Sciences titled International Archives Day

This seminar will share different perspectives from Archival Science educators, a practitioner, and students on the role of Archives in society. Archives deserve an international day because they constitute a country’s memory, shape its identity, and undergird the information society. Without access to archives, it would be difficult for governments to guarantee their citizens the right to access official information and governance that builds on accountability and transparency. Archives provide evidence of human actions and transactions and underpin effective public service delivery. The perspectives will be delivered in the form of a panel. The objective of the seminar is to celebrate the role of archives to humanity, to share the experience of panelists from different countries, to reach out to the general public beyond academia, and to enlighten the public about the fact that Records Management and Archival Science underpin all aspects of life.

About the speakers

Dr.Nampombe Saurombe is an Associate Professor at the University of South Africa, Department of Information Science in Pretoria, South Africa. She is responsible for teaching modules related to advocacy and public programming for archives. Additionally, she supervises postgraduate studies in the specialized fields of Archival Science and Information for Development. One of her current research interests is the transformation of South Africa’s archives in a democratic South Africa. She has written about this subject in publications and papers she has delivered at regional and international conferences. She will be speaking to us about the theme, “Towards inclusive archives through the collection of sports memories at the Gauteng Provincial Archives in South Africa”.


Mr.Bartholomew Marong has a Master’s degree in public Sector Management, and a Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies and History. He is the current Director of National Records Service of Gambia since 2019. Mr Marong has over 24 years’ experience in the Civil Service of The Gambia with specialisation in the management of current records management. As Director of the Records Cadre in the Gambia, he is responsible for implementing the general policy, management, supervision of the service, and inspection of records work within government offices and the National Archives. He has coordinated and implemented many records office setups or reorganization projects in both the public and private sector organizations in the Gambia. Mr. Marong is a member of the National Records Advisory Committee, the apex decision-making body in the Gambia responsible for establishing a general policy for the management of public records amongst others. He also served as the Secretary to this committee for over five years. Mr. Marong is currently serving as Secretary to the Local Organizing Committee, Documentation Sub Committee for hosting the OIC in the Gambia. Mr. Marong attended many professional development courses in leadership, diplomacy records, and archives management both in the country and abroad. He will be speaking to us on the theme, “Archive’s role in serving the public good: the Gambia experience and challenges”.


Dr.Anneli Sundqvist is an Associate Professor in the Department of Archivistics, Library and Information Science, Oslo Met University, Norway. She has before worked as, Senior lecturer, Archives and information science, Mid Sweden University, 2009-2013, Junior lecturer, Archives and information science, Mid Sweden University, 1994-2009. She was one of the people who developed the Archives and Information Science program at Mid-Sweden University. She has published several journal articles, books and reports. She will be speaking to us on the theme, “An analysis of the emergence of educational programs and current trends in the Scandinavian countries”.


Selen Kezan is a research Associate and PhD Student at the Graduate School on Political Cohesion at the University of Dortmund, Germany. Currently, she is at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law as a visiting scholar, Canada. She will be speaking to us on the theme, “Unmarked burials, new record accessibility relationships: Issues of access to Indian Residential School records in Canada and the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation Commission.”


Amna Ali Eissa is a Master’s student in Records Management and Archival Science at the History Department, Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi. She has keen interest in advancing the field of records management and archives in the UAE. Currently, she works at Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority. She also serves as a graduate research assistant in an InterPARES Trust AI project where she explores the role of Artificial Intelligence in the management of health records. She will be speaking to us on the theme, “Understanding the most intelligent responsibility of an Archivist – Appraisal and the impact it has on societal memory and people’s rights.”

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