The essence of Oud by virtuoso and singer Mustafa Said

Wednesday 22 January 2020
At 6.30 pm

Free entry
Between explanations and live examples, Mustafa Said performs an aesthetic comparison between Lute Playing in the Middle-East and in the Arabian Peninsula

An Aesthetic Comparison Between Lute Playing in the Middle-East and in the Arabian Peninsula
The Arabic ‘ūd (lute) is an instrument of special importance in most cultures that share a common modal melodic language, on both the practical and theoretical levels. This accounts for this instrument’s various playing styles, according to the “melodic dialect” proper to a region’s society and culture.

This conference will focus on the common elements and the differences in the way the ‘ūd is played in the classical musical tradition of Egypt and the Levant on the one hand, and in the Arabian Peninsula on the other side.
It will  particularly examine the ṣawt tradition in the Gulf region, based on practical evidence and the history of music. Although it is not known when the modern ‘ūd was first played in the Peninsula, it appears that an older version of the instrument remained in use at least until early commercial recordings of music in the region, particularly in the late thirties Yemen. This does not mean the modern ‘ūd was not known in the Arabian Peninsula at that time, but it might account for the fact that the modern instrument is until now played with techniques inherited from the former qanbūs lute.

The conference’s main focus, however, will be on the melodic sentences’ internal rhythm, by means of using the plectrum (rīsha) and left hand fingering.
Old audio musical testimonies will be played and live examples performed during this presentation.

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