Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi signs Collaboration Agreement with Technology Innovation Institute to Advance Quantum Science and Technology

11 June, 2024

Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi (SUAD) has signed an agreement with the Technology Innovation Institute (TII) to foster groundbreaking research and development in the field of Quantum Science and Technology. This partnership aims to establish a framework for cooperation between SUAD and TII, allowing them to work together on research and development projects in Quantum Science and Technology.

The collaboration agreement outlines several areas of mutual interest, including joint research projects, exchange programs, and organizing scientific events such as conferences. In addition, SUAD and TII will jointly attract high school students to the world of Quantum Technologies and cooperate in the education and training of PhD, graduate, undergraduate, and intern students.

By leveraging the expertise of both institutions, this collaboration will enhance the training and education opportunities available and equip students with valuable skills and knowledge in this rapidly advancing field. Furthermore, the partnership will facilitate the exchange of scientific, academic, and technical information, as well as collaborative applications for funding from relevant agencies.

Sharing her viewpoints on the partnership, Prof Nathalie Martial-Braz, Vice-Chancellor of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi: “We are delighted to establish this collaboration with TII, a leading research institution in the field of quantum technology. This partnership reflects our commitment to advancing scientific research and fostering innovation in the UAE. We look forward to the promising outcomes of this partnership and the future advancements it will bring to the field of Quantum Science and Technology.”

Prof. Jose Ignacio LaTorre, Chief Researcher of Quantum Center at TII and Board member of Sorbonne University, commented: “in line with our vision to advance quantum physics and its various application through the various research projects we are pursuing in TII, we are excited to partner with Sorbonne to shape the future of quantum and build a sustainable pipeline of quantum related talent and technology in the UAE”

Prof. Dr. Luigi Amico, Executive Director of the Quantum Research Center at TII, and Dr. Valerie Le Guyon, Head of the Sciences and Engineering Department at SUAD, will play key roles as part of the Sponsors’ Board. This board will provide overall strategic oversight and direction to the project, guiding and supporting the collaboration between SUAD and TII in the field of Quantum Science and Technology. Together, they aim to drive innovation and advance the global knowledge and understanding of this cutting-edge field.

The collaboration agreement between SUAD and TII reflects the dedication of both institutions to advancing knowledge and expertise in Quantum Science and Technology and contributing to the

development of the UAE’s knowledge-based economy. It also highlights the potential for collaboration between academia and research institutions in the UAE to promote technological innovation and economic growth.