Dr Amar Ahmed

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Dr Amar Ahmed Dr Amar Ahmed
Assistant Professor
Marketing, Management, Communication and Media (MMCM)
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Dr. Ahmed is running the academic and administrative operations of the Master’s in Marketing, Management, Communication, and Media (MMCM). Besides developing courses, lecturing, assessing, and mapping, he is the main supervisor for all MMCM’s dissertations/theses. He is also an active member of the University’s Academic & Research Councils. He has developed an executive education certificate in the field of Marketing Communications Strategies and currently working on creating a course in Digital Marketing.

PhD in
  • Sociology of Culture (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Research Interests

Dr. Ahmed research interests have been concentrating on Consumer Research and Consumer Culture. While he is specialized in empirical qualitative research, however, he is publishing works that utilize quantitative methods especially in the sub-fields of Advertising & Branding.

Currently, he is working on and involved in six research projects, three of which are collaborative. Those projects are in the fields of Sustainable Consumption; Holidays Consumption; Shopping Habits; Application of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented & Virtual Realities on Digital & Social Media Advertising; Traditional Consumer Objects; and Influencer Marketing.

Other Research Information

Dr Ahmed is a member of the Editorial Board of Brill’s “Journal of Social Innovation and Knowledge”. He also participated-in and attended tens of conferences, seminars, and trainings in Europe and the Middle East. He was a guest speaker at the University of Ljubljana multiple times and presented at Inter-University Centre Dubrovnik. Additionally, he is an external expert advising on Ph.D. theses and member of defence juries.

Publications Journal Articles

  • 2023: International Journal of Marketing Semiotics & Discourse Studies, Vol. XI, pp.1-23. “I’m no casual: exploring the consumer behaviour of Fantasy Premier League hardcore international managers.”
  • 2020: Poligrafi, 25(99/100), pp.117-143. “Consuming Eid Al-Adha: Constructing and Expressing the Muslim Identity.”
  • 2020: International Journal of Social and Administrative Sciences, 5(2), pp.143-155. “Consumer Behaviour as a Way to Studying Sociology of Culture.”
  • 2016: International Journal of Business and Statistical Analysis, 3(02), pp.55-60. “Issues in the Branding and Advertising Strategies.”

  • Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi
  • Previously: Consumer Culture Theory Consortium
More information

Dr. Ahmed’s main current responsibilities are running the MMCM Master’s programme and to research and develop new executive and continuing education programmes within MMCM fields. He addresses all quality assurance & accreditation requirements concerning MMCM.

Moreover, he has in-depth experience in securing scholarships and funding in both the Middle East and Europe. Prior to working in academia, he has several years experiences working in corporate settings, doing volunteer works, and conducting trainings, seminars, and masterclasses.