Dr Sudarshan Shinde

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Dr Sudarshan Shinde Dr Sudarshan Shinde
Assistant Professor in Mathematics
Sciences and Engineering
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Research Interests

Computational arithmetic geometry, Galois representations, Elliptic curves.

PhD in


Research Collaborations Conferences

  • Torsion groups and Galois representations of elliptic curves, 2018, Zagreb, Croatia
  • JNCF, 2018, Marseille, France
  • 8th Pari-GP workshop, 2017, Clermont-Ferrand, France
  • Weekly meeting of Télécom ParisTech, 2017, Paris, France

Publications Journal articles

  • 2022: A classification of ECM-friendly families of elliptic curves using modular curves, Mathematics of Computation, 1405-1436, 91, with Razvan Barbulescu