SCAI’s research supported by Thales Group’s global facilities

11 March, 2022

As part of Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi’s SCAI research projects conducted jointly with Thales Group, Prof Raed Abu Zitar research supervisor SCAI in Abu Dhabi, Prof. Amal El Fallah principal investigator Sorbonne University Paris, Dr David Sadek Vice-CEO Thales Group, and Dr Frederic Barbaresco industrial supervisor Thales group, paid a visit to Thales Group’s radars base in Ymare, France. The visit was an opportunity to get further insights on the research activity conducted by SCAI in Abu Dhabi’s PhD student Maxence De Rouchechouart, who is spending 3 months experimenting and collecting data on drones detection and tracking. Maxence’s research is focused on the use of artificial intelligence and intelligent agent modeling in generating tracks based on radar measurements collected from different types of sensors such as radars and cameras and he is also using Gamekeeper Radar that is manufactured by Aveillant, a company acquired recently by Thales Group.

Thales Group’s radars base in Ymare, France gives Maxence the opportunity to conduct AI live experiments and data collection as needed, which supports his PhD research at SCAI in Abu Dhabi.