Sorbonne Abu Dhabi aims to ensure that research is an integral aspect of its curriculum. The university collaborates with major partners to advance its research efforts and to foster an improved understanding of cross-cultural matters and regional concerns. Our research strategy ensures that we are ideally positioned to make positive contributions to regional job markets and socio-economic agenda.

Our research centre ICARHuS (Interdisciplinary Center For Advanced Research in Humanities and Sciences) aligns with objectives of the Sorbonne University and regional partners to enroll doctoral students pursuing pertinent research topics of interest to Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Based on admission requirements and chosen disciplines, students can study as well as conduct their research at Sorbonne Abu Dhabi.

Together with our partner universities (Sorbonne University, Paris Descartes University and the University of Pierre et Marie Curie), we are dedicated to building an exceptional network of research partners. Our current partner institutions include eminent institutions including the UAE University in Al Ain, the Department of Economic Development and the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities in Abu Dhabi, Saint Joseph University in Beirut and Sultan Qaboos University.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Eric Fouache, has been entrusted to set the direction for the university’s research initiatives in tandem with a Research Task Force Committee that approves the University research agenda on a yearly basis.

Our mission is to support the priorities of the Abu Dhabi Government, which will serve the UAE community as a whole. Our faculty are renowned scholars, dedicated to research in France or in the Gulf Region.

Our extensive list of inter-disciplinary research includes the following:

  • History, Archaeology and Geoarchaeological Studies of the Middle-East
  • Social and Cultural Transfers in the UAE
  • Belief and Struggles in the Monotheist World
  • Urban Planning and Natural Environment: Risks and Sustainable Development
  • French-Arabic Interferences
  • Multilingualism and multiculturalism in the processes of acquisition of foreign languages
  • Challenges in the GCC


Sorbonne University, Paris Descartes University and the University of Pierre et Marie Curie accepts Sorbonne Abu Dhabi students to study a PhD in France, as long as they meet the same criteria as the French students. Theses must be written in French for Sorbonne University and can be written in English for Paris Descartes University and the University of Pierre et Marie Curie.