Dr Sana Abbas

Meet our Research Faculty

Dr Sana Abbas Dr Sana Abbas
Arabic Lecturer
Applied Foreign Languages
Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi

Research Interests

  • Argumentation techniques, discourse analysis, Arabic literature and civilisation, French literature
  • Translation French to Arabic and Arabic to French

PhD in

  • Linguistics, discourse analysis

Research Collaborations

  • December 2015: Workshop about Proverbs. Lecture: Argumentative Function of Proverbs, Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi


  • 2018, The philosoph Alain, one of the forgoten giants (الفيلسوف ألان، أحد العظماء المنسيين، فلسفة السعادة ونشيد الإرادة)
    Forthcoming in Al-ittihad cultural newspaper
  • 2018, Aspects of the personality and literature of Abu Hayyan Tawhidi (جوانب من شخصية وأدب أبي حيان التوحيدي)
    Forthcoming, Al-ittihad cultural newspaper.
  • 2011, Odette Toulemonde, of Eric Emmanuel Shmidt (French best seller), Tales Translated from French into Arabic
    Published by Syrian Ministry of Culture
  • 2010, Thuhul wa rahba, of Amelie Notomb, (French best seller), Novel translated from French into Arabic
    Published by Syrian Ministry of Culture
  • Books
  • 2012: Abou Hayyan al-Tawhidi, written in Arabic, Published by Syrian Ministry of Culture


  • ICAR, in Lyon (Interpretations, Corpus, Apprentissages, Représentations)