Bachelor in Mathematics, Specialisation in Data Science for Artificial Intelligence

The Bachelor in Mathematics, Specialization in Data Science for Artificial Intelligence, is a three-year intensive, high-level programme taught in English. The programme aims to address the needs of the fourth industrial revolution brought about by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Artificial intelligence is completely remodelling today’s societies to the point that many argue that it is fostering a fourth industrial revolution.

Advances in Machine Learning are profoundly transforming technology. In fact, and basing on recent discoveries in Mathematics and Data Science, complex algorithms imbedded in modern systems allow to accomplish more complex tasks (decision-support systems, human-machine interaction, intelligent agents, etc). Today, AI-based applications requiring a deep knowledge of Mathematics and Data Science can be found in many fields, ranging from Insurance and Finance, to Health and Medicine, to Environmental studies, to Exploration of Space, to Digital Humanities, etc

The programme provides students with state-of-the-art knowledge and competencies in Mathematics, Data Science and Machine Learning. It offers a carefully devised blend of traditional lecture/tutorial/lab tuition and more innovative, project-based learning. This produces graduates who are able to successfully apply their skills in the various fields of AI.

Examples of career-paths that could be undertaken by graduates of the programme are: Data Analyst/Scientist/Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Statistician, Quantitative Analyst (in Insurance and Finance), Developer in Machine Learning/AI, Computational Linguist/NLP Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Marketing/Operations Analyst, etc…

Moreover, graduates of this programme are especially well-equipped to start an Academic/Research career by pursuing a Master’s and a PhD in fields related to Mathematics, Data Science and Machine Learning in renowned research institution.

Tuition fees (including admin. fees):
AED 215,100 (approximately US$ 58,615)

Admission deadline
15 July 2022

Placement test dates
The placement test takes place at 11:00 am on the following dates:
16 October 2021
30 October 2021
13 November 2021
27 November 2021
11 December 2021

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Admission requirements

Admission to this programme is very selective; the following are the minimal criteria to apply for admission in to its foundation year (Foundation Year in Sciences)

1) High-School with a minimum average of 80%; (Science, Advanced, Elite Stream, or equivalent)

2) Recent EmSAT-Math with a minimum score of 800(Following MOE regulations, the EmSAT exam is required for specific applicants; please refer to the following link for more details)

3) Recent EmSAT-English with a Minimum score of 1250, or valid Academic-IELTS 5.5, or valid TOEFL-IBT 71

Applicants with no EmSAT score will be required to sit a placement exam administered by the university

Some applicants holding a recent EmSAT-Math score satisfying the above minimal requirements might also be required to sit the placement exam

Based on the recommendation of the admission committee a selection of outstanding applicants may be exempted from the Foundation year in Sciences and offered a direct admission in to the first year of the bachelor in Mathematics, specialisation in Data Science for Artificial Intelligence

Other Countries Education’s Systems

Conditions apply on other foreign curriculums according to the admission’s policy set by Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. Please contact the Student Recruitment office by email: for more details.

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