Master in Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies

The Master in Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies prepares students for careers in the environmental and planning fields by examining spatial relationships and learning about the processes and technologies that regulate observed patterns. Students focus on the synergy between humans and the natural environment by using various techniques and tools to characterise geographic and environmental patterns, helping to protect places of historic, scientific and cultural significance.

This programme offers a specialised and multidisciplinary education on the management of environments, complemented by practical and applied courses. The curriculum has been formulated to create a next generation who is passionate about national and global environmental initiatives, policies and technologies that align with the future growth and prosperity of Abu Dhabi.

Students will learn how to process and interpret data based on location and spatial factors and devise solutions using Geographic Information System (GIS) approaches and tools. During their first year, students will study a range of specialised modules including ecology, biodiversity, dynamics of human-nature relationships, geohistory, geoprocessing, and environmental and natural heritage law, just to name a few. In the second year, students will focus on natural and technological risk management, development and management of environmental heritage, advanced GIS tools, and the planning of complex ecosystems, amongst others.

There are abundant rewarding career opportunities on a regional and global scale for graduates of the Environment: Dynamics of Territories and Societies Master programme. Career prospects vary from positions in government agencies related to urban management, natural resources management, planification and monitoring policies, NGOs, community development and urban affairs, semi-public organisations, private and/or cooperative companies and research departments in the environment, town and country planning and food processing sectors.

Tuition Fees (including admin. fees):
AED 177,900 (approximately US$ 48,478)

Admission deadline
22 July 2021

Interview dates
14 March 2021
11 April 2021
16 May 2021
13 June 2021
4 July 2021
5 August 2021

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