Master in Physics – Specialisation in Non-Destructive Characterisation with Applications for Cultural Heritage

The Master in Physics – Specialisation in Non-Destructive Characterisation with Applications for Cultural Heritage is a 2-year programme, taught in English.

A Bachelor degree earned in Physics (possibly with a minor in Mechanics, Material Engineering, Mathematics, or Computer Sciences) is required for admission to this programme. The dual focus of this programme makes it as a unique cross–disciplinary master degree programme in the UAE that addresses scientific research subjects relating to cultural heritage. It allows young ambitious students to pursue a scientific career where they will be able to use and develop state-of-the-art instruments in many research activities needed in the UAE and abroad: from purely scientific fields as material physics for research and development and innovation, to more specific cultural heritage sectors such as archaeometric studies, non-destructive characterisation, or preservation processes. The degree is awarded by Sorbonne University in Paris.

Graduates of this programme will have the ability to contribute to R&D projects, and to perform cross-disciplinary and innovative analysis, this makes them excellent candidates for employment in Cultural Heritage, Archaeology and Art domain, as well as in all the fields requiring thorough and innovative analysis, like Material Science, Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Environment, Forensic Sciences or Architecture Engineering.

The curriculum is taught mainly by Abu Dhabi based faculty members, specialists in their fields, and by visiting professors coming from the Laboratory of Molecular and Structural Archaeology and the Department of History of Art and Archaeology at Sorbonne University in Paris.

The curriculum is a well-balanced blend of core courses, seminars, lab sessions and projects. It introduces students to a unique assembly of disciplines (Physics, Archaeology and History of Art, Data Sciences & Artificial Intelligence) and equips them with a strong background in Non-Destructive Characterisation and its applications in Cultural Heritage or other domains, with methods widely used in many fields, like ultra-sound testing, several spectroscopy techniques, XR and XR Fluorescence analysis or hyperspectral analysis.

During the Long-term project, lead on genuine archeological findings, and the 6-month full time internship, the students are exposed to real-life data challenges associated with their core studies: they build on the skills mastered in the programme, and learn how to manage interdisciplinary collaborations.

Typical delivery format of the courses*

Monday8:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday8:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday8:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday8:00am – 12:00pm

*This is the usual pattern of the courses, changes may sometimes occur.

Tuition Fees (including administration fees):
AED 166,400 (approximately US$ 45,344)

Other Countries Education’s Systems

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Admission deadline
22 August 2022

Interview dates
19 Jan 2022
23 Feb 2022
23 March 2022
20 April 2022
25 May 2022
22 June 2022
6 July 2022
August TBA

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